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Can Solar Panels Withstand the Force of a Hurricane?

Have you been putting off purchasing a home solar panel solution because you are concerned about their ability to withstand severe weather conditions? Let us put your mind at ease, as you have nothing to worry about. During the design and development phase, solar roof panels...

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The Benefits of Home Energy Audits

There is a good chance that you are paying too much for your electricity each month. Actually, your money is most likely literally flying out your window! To save money on your monthly utilities costs you may want to consider making some energy-saving improvements around...

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Optimizing Your Solar Investment

Getting the most out of your home solar panel investment does not have to require a lot of effort. There are small changes that you can make in your routine to get great rewards in return. If you do not have a battery or storage system...

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When Should I Replace My Solar Panels?

Spending on solar panels for your home is both a financial and ecological investment. These panels help you and your family save on monthly electric bills in an ecologically friendly and sustainable way. For a long time. Solar panels in general have no moving parts...

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SWIM MORE MONTHS OF THE YEAR  One advantage to having a solar panel pool heater Chicago installation is that it gives you a bigger window of swimming time in a year, making it more useful. Swimming pools are expensive to have administered but another cost you...

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4 Reasons Solar Panels are a Great Investment

One of the most commonly available renewable energy sources is solar energy. These days you are likely to see solar panels being installed even in typically cloudy areas. What is the explanation for this phenomenon, and why should you be investing in solar energy? 1. You...

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Photovoltaics or Solar panels – Differences Explained

When it comes to photovoltaic panels and solar panels for your home in Chicago, they can easily be confused with each other, especially for roof installations.  With photovoltaic or home solar panel installations, although they accumulate and convert solar energy, they each have different operating...

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Cleaning Solar Panels: When? Why? How?

Pollution-free and zero-waste are popular concepts in today’s world. As everyone seeks to make the world a cleaner and greener place in which to live.  Making the change from fossil fuels to renewables like solar energy is necessary in order to approach the vision that...

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Solar panels and solar roofing are an incredible technology that is helping us to harvest clean energy that we use every day, and though most of us know that a home solar panel can turn sunlight into electricity for daily tasks, like charging your computer,...

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