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Solar pool panels

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Harness the Power of the Sun for a Warm Pool

SolarWerks has a solar pool heater in Chicago for your inground pool or any above-ground pool. Capture the boundless energy of the sun and use it to heat your swimming pool efficiently and cost-effectively! A solar pool heater installation is perfect in any part of the U.S. and any home that has a backyard area with daily unobstructed sunshine. A modular above-ground pool solar heater in Chicago can quickly connect to the pool return hose, and an inground solar heater can be mounted to the roof, a nearby rack, or fence.

Benefits of a Pool Solar Heater in Chicago

• Most affordable pool heater on the market with free operating costs
• Environmentally friendly with no emissions and no fuel needed
• Heat the pool for free after an initial investment in the solar pool heater installation


Inground or above-ground solar pool heaters operate by circulating pool water through black tubes that absorb the sun’s light and heat. A solar panel bypass gives you full control of the flow rate through the pool solar panels, and you can turn the system off during poor weather days or at night. With your pool solar panels facing a southerly direction and tipped towards the sun, you can maximize the efficiency of your solar pool heater in Chicago.


Solar pool heaters are designed to work just about anywhere in the country. All you need is a sunny spot close to your pool pump for 4-6 hours of direct sun. The heat output depends on the size of the solar system relative to the pool, whether the pool has a cover, and the number of hours of sun the pool and solar panels receive in a day. The proper-sized solar pool heater in Chicago for a given pool can add 15-20° F to the temperature of your water in all areas of the country. Even smaller solar-powered pool heaters can easily raise the water temperature by 5-10° F.

Get in touch with us

We are prepared for your solar panel installation in Chicago. Step one involves a phone call where we discuss the specifics that surround solar panel installation, which includes timelines, situation complexity, and expectations.

On-Site Visit

During our visit to your home, we will assess your situation and offer a comprehensive, transparent free estimate which allows you to prepare properly. It’s incredibly crucial for us to completely comprehend your requirements and wishes to ensure the best solar panel installation Chicago has to offer.

Design of Installation

As leading solar panel installers Chicago residents trust, we can design your solar installation. We’ll offer you a tailored proposal with a plan, both created based on our expert assessment with your input.

Implementation of Project

We will collectively set a date and a timeline for your solar panel installation in Chicago. We will adhere to them!

End Result

Feedback is greatly appreciated from all of our clients. As qualified solar panel installers in Chicago, we ensure your space is completely clean when we finish.

Solar Pool Panels


The installation of a solar pool heating system rather than a conventional heater is an easy manner in which to truly contribute to international efforts to care for our planet and reduce emissions.


Pool heaters that are solar powered are incredibly dependable and will reliably deliver consistent heating during even the longest swimming season. Once the temperatures outdoors drop, a solar heater will allow your family and you to make the most of pool enjoyment with warmer water.


It may take several hours or even days to heat your pool with many heaters. A solar system functions automatically whenever the sun is out and your pool pump is on. This allows your pool to remain warm throughout the season, ready and waiting for you at any moment.


Perhaps the biggest advantage of solar energy used to heat your pool is clearly the most evident too: you can obtain sunlight for free! Money invested into a photovoltaic system is nearly completely involved in the initial installation itself.


Pool systems done by experienced solar power installers near me tend to come accompanied by a 12-year warranty as well as a 15-20 year expected service life. On average, a solar pool system payback is for 2-3 years, compared with other heating options. System savings over a lifetime greatly offset the investment itself.


Through controller use, you may set and control the precise temperature to ensure enjoyable and comfortable pool use.

High caliber quality solar panel installation – Guaranteed free estimates!

As a Chicago-based local company since 2008, we have been delivering quality service. We are aware how crucial free quotes are for our clients to properly decide upon problem scope and project budget. Through our qualified approach, we can handle every type of solar panel installation situation you may face. Message us directly through contact page link or call us and we will be in touch with you as soon as we can!