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Can Solar Panels Be Added To An Existing Solar System?

Household energy consumption may increase over time as new appliances and electronics are introduced into your home. Families expand and so will your energy usage. Expanding your solar system helps to decrease your utility bills. Below are some questions customers often ask when thinking about expanding their solar systems.

When is the right time to increase my home solar system?
Home solar systems may need additional solar panels installed when your lifestyle changes. Expanding families, new appliances, and electronics as well as expansions to your home like a swimming pool will increase your energy consumption. Working from home or having an electric vehicle is also going to increase your energy demand.

Solar panel installation Chicago newly built homes have pre-installed are only going to meet your basic requirements, therefore it can be beneficial to add additional solar panels. SolarWerks is the top solar company Chicago homeowners trust to accurately advise them what size solar system will be required to supply enough energy for their requirements. You will also have a better idea of what is required after you move in and can evaluate the existing solar system’s performance.

How can I determine how many additional solar panels to add?
SolarWerks energy consultants will evaluate and review your monitoring information along with your electric bills to understand your current requirements. If you are aware of future changes such as expanding or new appliances etc., we will consider these for our assessment and recommendation. This will then give a clear indication of how many additional solar panels you will need. The best solar panel companies will require a minimum size for the solar panel addition installation.

Will additional panels or battery storage work with my existing solar system?
At the beginning of your solar system expansion, the energy consultant will look at your existing solar system setup to determine what you need. Solar systems last forever and rarely need to be replaced entirely. Older systems may need to be certain upgrades to have better energy efficiency and to be compatible with the additional panels. We offer the most efficient solar panels Chicago based installations for all expansion projects.

Do I need to use the original solar panel installation company for my expansion?
It is not a must but it does make sense for various reasons. The advantage of using the original installer is that they can offer similar products and aesthetic appeal to your existing system. The problem with using multiple companies is understanding the different warranties offered by each company and also receiving varying customer service and products that may not fit in aesthetically with your existing system. Working with one company will ensure continuity and peace of mind.
If you are thinking about expanding your existing solar system, book an appointment with SolarWerks online.

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