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Solar Audit

Solar Audit

Having assisted countless households and business owners in shifting to clean, renewable energy, our solar installers near me gained huge expertise in the solar industry. We are aware of how challenging it may be to choose a skilled solar integrator and emphasize the importance of selecting the best solar dealer. You can count on us to provide top-notch solar education, service, equipment, and installation. And because we are committed to doing this, we provide free solar energy audits as well as all the solar blogs and videos you may need to make an educated choice.

Our thorough audit will let you know which solar possibilities are worth considering, the potential energy savings, possible incentives, and the amount of solar energy your system will produce. We think it’s important to inform potential customers so they can make the best possible decision for their solar energy requirements. You will have all the necessary information from our audit to determine the best option for your solar system installation. Make up your mind and contact SolarWerks for your free solar audit right away.

A Residential Energy Audit, What Is It?

At SolarWerks, we streamlined and simplified the process of conducting household energy audits. Our group of knowledgeable energy analysts follows these three simple steps:

Analyzing previous energy use: We prefer to look back over the past two years’ worth of energy usage to conduct an accurate home energy audit. These documents provide our staff with a timeline to work with. Trends can be identified, and we can determine when and where your home’s energy use increased.

Examining current energy consumption. We inspect your property using these records to look for potential energy leaks. Doors, windows, and attics are common points of energy loss. Appliances may also consume energy at an unusual rate.

Recommending corrective measures: After inspecting your home, we make suggestions to improve your energy consumption by making prospective repairs. For instance, if we discover that your windows have air leaks, which account for 30% of a home’s energy loss, we would advise sealing them. To help you decide which repair is to be handled first, we also organize our suggestions by their level of importance.

What Is Discovered During An Energy Audit?

For Your Residence

  • Are there more or fewer family members now due to children moving out, parents moving in, or a baby being born?
  • Are you thinking of buying an electric car?
  • Do you presently work from home? Are you planning to start?
  • Will you be including a spa, a pool, or both?

For Your Company

  • Is the size of your company changing? Are you increasing or decreasing the number of employees?
  • Are you thinking of buying electric cars? How many?

Contact SolarWerks for your free solar audit!
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Solar Energy Audit Benefits

It allows us to identify the requirements for the ideal system design
It helps in finding ways to save energy
It lowers investment costs
It will assist the professionals in setting up the solar inverter for the solar panels and arrays as the backup time of the solar storage is determined with the information obtained with an energy audit