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SolarWerks, LLC
Solar Panel



SolarWerks has led the field as the solar panel companies near me Chicago that offers more since 2008. With a team of experts in solar design, solar panel installation, and solar roofing Chicago services, you can count on extensive experience in both residential and commercial applications.
We bring you a full range of solar installers near me Chicago services. Our professionals can offer you the advice you need as we calculate how many solar panels for your home are needed. And we’ll do the same for your commercial property, so your solar panel installation functions efficiently to save you as much money as possible.
Expect a detailed explanation about the entire process, from planning to pricing to how your solar panel companies near me Chicago is completed. Plus, we will outline every aspect of your solar panels for your home or your business, so you understand how they function and what maintenance is required.
SolarWerks is fully licensed and insured solar company near me, and we encourage you to check our reviews. Speak to us to learn more about our team of solar installers near me Chicago. We know you can count on us to be your solar panel companies near me offering the best in solar roofing for your property.

We Also Provide Roofing Services

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Solar Panel Installation Chicago

SolarWerks has brought innovation and efficiency to residential solar energy availability, making solar roofing Chicago with solar panel companies near me easier and faster than ever before. We have reduced costs and wait times while streamlining the permit process. So you can now enjoy a rooftop solar installers near me Chicago service affordably and efficiently.

Solar Installers Near Me

Solar panels absorb the sun’s light rays and convert them into usable electricity or heat. A solar panel features a collection of solar (photovoltaic) cells, which generate electricity using a photovoltaic effect. These cells are perfectly arranged in a tight grid pattern on the surface of the solar panels.

Solar panel companies near me service helps to combat harmful greenhouse gas emissions to limit global warming. Solar panels produce a completely clean form of energy and so they do not contribute to pollution. Plus, solar providers near me Chicago can decrease the reliance on limited fossil fuels and traditional less-clean power sources. Your solar installers near me Chicago service will allow you to save money on your utility bills. Speak to SolarWerks, the leading solar company near me Chicago located, about how we can take care of everything so you can benefit from companies like solar panel companies near me.

Solar Panels Design

The design of a solar panel array takes two important factors into account:The available space and the annual electrical output needed for your home in Chicago with solar panels companies near me. And depending on your property, other considerations include shading, as well as solar panel and inverter efficiency. Once we have all the details we need about your property, we can generate a 3D model showing how your home will look after the solar installers near me Chicago service.

Size Of The Solar Panel System

The size of your solar panel array is determined by your annual electricity needs and the available space on your Chicago home’s solar roof. Our solar company near me uses your monthly and annual electricity usage to create a customized system that covers your costs efficiently. Additionally, our simulation includes a projection of future monthly bills, offering insight into what to expect after our solar panel installation service from solar providers near me is completed.


Solar Panel Installation Chicago Benefits

Our solar installers near me can provide you with an estimate of the cost for your home solar panels Chicago, along with information that details your potential savings on your energy bills. We understand that you need all this important information before you make a decision about solar panels for your home. That’s why our solar providers near me are pleased to provide you with all the information you need, so you can count on our solar installers near me Chicago company to guide you every step of the way.

Solar Pool Heater

Heating a pool the standard way can be costly, but with a solar company near me in Chicago, you can have the most cost-effective energy source for your pool heater. Solar company near me in Chicago can drastically reduce your swimming pool heating bill. This is a heating advantage for both gas and heat pump pool heaters, with very low annual operating costs. Our solar providers near me can take care of everything from the design, energy need calculations, and your solar installers near me Chicago.


Below you can find our projects of solar panel installation in Chicago and nearby area.

Minnesota Home
A Minnesota Home with solar air heating system
West Chicago
A West Chicago home with a PV system size 6KWh that has 11 modules facing East and 13 Modules facing South.
Commercial building in Wisconsin with a 10KW PV system on a metal roof.
Chicago Home
A Chicago Home with a 5KW PV system and a 30% shade on the panels.
Chicago Residential
A low-rise multi-unit residential building in Chicago with a solar hot water system that supplies 65% of the building’s hot water needs.
Chicago Residential
A low-rise multi-unit residential building in Chicago with a solar hot water system that supplies 65% of the building’s hot water needs.
Chicago Multi-unit
A multi-unit building in Chicago with a solar hot water system that provides 70% of its hot water usage.
Chicago Building
A 100 unit building in Chicago that has gone through a renovation and was fitted with a 7KWh PV system of 28 Modules and a 22 panels solar hot water system, providing 36% of the building’s hot water usage.
We have installed 18 solar thermal panels, size 4’x10′ and 134 PV panels.




A qualified sales representative will answer any questions and get details about your home and existing energy consumption


Our designers will create a maximum efficiency plan for your property, whether is a house or commercial building.


We will take time to discuss with you our plan and proposition, answering to all your questions carefully.


The project is finished. You can enjoy your savings and producing clean energy with your solar panels. Whenever you need solar company near me, we will be always here to help.


Our project coordinators will help you connect your system to the grid


Your personalize home solar panels will be installed by solar installers near me – all of them are certified and insured.

PHOTOVOLTAIC (Solar Electric)

Solar energy (known as Photovoltaic) is electricity produced from the sun. This source of electricity replaces the need to use the traditional sources of energy such as coal, gas or atomic power. It is clean, free and inexhaustible – and a viable alternative to the fossil fuels that threatening our world and future. Solar panel installation Chicago service can support almost all life on earth and is the basis for almost every form of energy we use.

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Solar air heat is a supplemental space heating system, using solar air heating collectors to turn energy from the sun into warm air for businesses and homes. When the sun is shining, and the building is calling for the heat, the system turns on and a fan delivers it. The solar energy system shuts down when the building is no longer calling for heat or the sun is not out. Used correctly, solar air heat can reduce your heating bills considerably for decades.

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Solar thermal (sometimes referred to as solar water heating) is the use of the sun to heat water. A solar thermal system supplements (rather than replaces) the traditional gas or electrical hot water heating systems used in residential and commercial applications. By eliminating the need to continually fire up hot water tanks, it save home and business owners on large electrical or gas bills.

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Solarwerks is listed among the top 500 solar contractors
This is the second year in a row that SolarWerks is listed among the top 500 solar contractors on Solar Power World magazine. You can see us in this issue on page 53 of the magazine. We are listed as number 472 of the top 500 contractors.

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When we talk about solar panels for your home, we are talking about an add-on that will not only power your home and your possessions, but will also reduce your annual bills considerably. However, when it comes to top solar panels installation Chicago services and maintenance procedures, SolarWerks is the best choice for solar power companies near me.

Experience Matters

By hiring SolarWerks services, you will be placing your trust and solar roofing with the most experienced and outstanding crew in the industry. Regardless of whether you need a repair or replacement for your panels, rest assured that you will receive a good job from us from start to finish.


Our professional solar panel installers Chicago located are insured and bonded so that you can have peace of mind. Our experts will have the safety equipment and training to complete the work without injuries or accidents. We are a reliable and trustworthy professional solar company that will allow the project to be completed faster and properly.

Peace of mind

We understand that the process of installing or replacing a solar panel can be very tedious if you choose to do it on your own. However, you also have the option of hiring a certified solar panel installation Chicago company to get the job done on time and properly, ultimately giving you the much-needed peace of mind.

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If in such case you require solar panels for home or a replacement of them with new ones as soon as possible, do not hesitate to contact us through the official channels! We also make estimates at no cost!



Very professional service, from start to finish. They explained everything clearly and did a great job installing our solar panels.
Velma WindlerVelma Windler
09:21 03 Apr 23
The team that installed my solar panels was knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. Highly recommend this company.
Sung JayneSung Jayne
08:03 22 Mar 23
I am extremely happy with the solar panel installation done by this company. Excellent service and professional staff.
Robert PrestonRobert Preston
10:18 16 Feb 23
I recently had solar panel installation done in my home and I am so pleased with the results. I am saving a phenomenal amount of money on my monthly energy bill. Don’t delay and get your home solar panel installed for great savings.!!
Renne MelodyRenne Melody
10:57 09 Feb 23
With the rising cost of electricity, the best investment one can make is solar panel installation. I hired the top solar company and I’m thrilled with the savings on my monthly energy bill. Do yourself a favor and go solar.
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