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Optimizing Your Solar Investment

Getting the most out of your home solar panel investment does not have to require a lot of effort. There are small changes that you can make in your routine to get great rewards in return.
If you do not have a battery or storage system attached to your solar panels, you will need to use the power generated in the day – also during the day. There are a few tips on how to make the most out of your solar power listed below.

Daylight charging routine
Solar panels use the sun to generate electricity and this means that the electricity is available and needs to be used during the day.
You need to get the most out of the sunshine hours and one way is to fully charge all your devices such as your laptop, phone, alarm batteries, lights in the day. Get a full charge before the sun goes down and unplug them at night.

Set your timers
Since your solar power is generated during the day, the key is to use the energy when there’s plenty of it. Are you running a washing machine? Do you own a dishwasher? A good idea is to load them with laundry or dishes and set their timers to start the cleaning process in the day. When you get home the cleaning is done and you save on electricity.
Helpful Hint: If your solar panels are north facing their optimal energy levels will be between 10am and 2pm on a sunny day. The afternoons are best for west facing panels and mornings for east facing solar panels. Turn your panels into the most efficient solar panels by optimizing your schedule based on their position.

Heating and cooling times
Controlling the temperature in your home by heating and cooling takes a lot of energy and can quickly run up your electricity bills. Make your temperature adjustments in the day so you use solar electricity instead. You can get your home to the right temperature and keep it there until the sun goes down and then turn off the heating or cooling systems to save electricity.

Find the right appliance upgrades
Get the most out of your free electricity by slowly upgrading your appliance to battery operated versions. You will be able to charge the batteries with your free solar power and use the appliance during the night.
Cordless appliances are typically rechargeable and you can get everything from lights, kettles, power banks to a vacuum cleaner. You can even buy rechargeable batteries for your normal devices such as remotes and charge these batteries during the day.
Helpful Hint: The EECA ENERGY STAR rating on appliances and devices indicates the energy efficiency rate of the product. Models and makes with a high rating use little energy to operate and are a great way to reduce your energy consumption.

Pool management
Having a swimming pool is a luxury and there are ways to use your solar panels to save the energy used by your pool. Run cleaning cycles and pool cleaners during the day so it uses free solar energy. Also make sure that all heating and cooling systems operate during the peak hours in the day and not at night. Having a timer to control this for you is a great idea.

Make your home a smart home
Last but not least look into the newest smart home technology additions in electronic stores. There are many options ranging from smartphone-controlled lights and self-adjusting thermostats to dynamically control the temperature. All these options can help you save energy at night and use it in the day.

These small changes in your daily routine and behaviors will help you make the most of the free solar electricity and save on your electricity bills.
Before running out and investing in solar panels for your home you need to consider factors such as your historical, current and future electricity needs to ensure that you get the appropriately sized system. This will ensure that your needs are met and your investment is maximized.
It is not difficult and you do not have to work hard to get the most out of your solar panel system. With just a few new habits you will soon see the savings rolling in. Contact a reputable solar company to start planning your solar panel installation project.

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