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Solar Consulting

We provide various consulting services for contractors, OEMs, EPCs, and developers for energy storage and solar services. Find out more about our energy storage and solar operations consulting, technical consulting, and financial modeling.

Storage Technology Consulting & Financial Modeling

Along with SolarWerks’ services in solar energy storage design, SolarWerks’ engineers additionally offer consultation for technical consulting, battery management software consulting, solar-plus-storage energy management, and energy storage financial modeling,

We provide consulting for:

  • Depth of discharge effects, round-trip efficiency (AC-to-AC, which includes auxiliary loads and HVAC)
  • Battery product warranty as well as degradation modeling over time, based on use-case application and site-specific dynamics
  • Thermal management
  • MWh throughput
  • System sizing
  • Exclusive tariff rates
  • Incentives: ITC compliance, SGIP, MACRs, Smart Program
  • Financial performance optimization
  • Utility interconnection optimization: nonexport, export, NEM, NEM-MT
  • System configuration: AC vs. DC coupling
  • Detailed financial and cash flow analysis
  • Annual and daily demand profile visualization
  • PV-plus-storage-plus-generators, microgrids, PV-plus-storage, stand-alone storage.

OEM Consulting for Energy Storage & Solar Products

SolarWerks offers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of solar and energy storage products complete consulting services.

Our qualified electrical, structural, and mechanical engineers collaborate with manufacturers to:

  • Discover design defects of products already in existence
  • Develop new products that are relevant in today’s market
  • Make certain products comply with regulations, standards, and codes for specific regions and markets
  • Improve product performance
  • Assist in developing new product standards
  • Design products to meet current NEC, UL, and other standards
  • Develop engineering documents and instruction manuals for permitting purposes

SolarWerks additionally collaborates with solar and energy storage advocacy organizations and OEMs to petition public utility and municipal commissions to update current local, state, and federal codes, standards, permitting, and interconnection regulations and also propose new ones.

Financial & Technical Due Diligence Consulting

When it comes to solar project investment, SolarWerks’s independent solar company near me, electrical and structural engineers assist asset managers and developers and with the review of an energy storage or solar project’s utility standards, prevailing utility rates, permitting, equipment choices, design, and other requirements.

With the financial and technical due diligence provided by  SolarWerks, along with their storage and solar investors, owners, and asset managers, obtain an independent assessment of a the long-term financial and technical profitability and risks of a project.

SolarWerks, as a third-party engineer, goes over your energy storage or solar project’s:

  • Optimum utility rate structures
  • Financial modeling, including NPV, ROI, IRR
  • Bankability and equipment warranties
  • Design and review of potential BOS savings
  • Operations and maintenance (O&M) schedules
  • Critical document and records for secure digital storage and redundancy
  • Potential utility interconnection requirement issues
  • Potential permitting requirement problems
  • Post-severe weather design, engineering, and damage assessment after severe weather
  • Insurance assessment and compensation
  • Flooding, wind, and hail (severe weather risks), including engineering, design, and equipment selection

We offer full-service consulting and design services that will take your project all the way from its conception to its final completion by guiding you through the intricacies of going solar.

The Secret to Success: A Solar Expert Team

Our crew of solar consulting and design experts will collaborate with you in order to pinpoint the ideal solar solution for your scenario. We consider important factors like electrical considerations, roof type, shading, and others to make certain your system functions at levels that are optimum or better.

Using solar panels is one manner in which we can contribute to the conservation of our planet. First utilized in the 1950s and 1960s, solar panels we used for spacecraft and satellite power. Many think that humans have been creating fire from solar power through mirrors and glass magnifiers for centuries.

Design & Engineering for Solar

For all facets of the solar industry, we offer full permit-ready solar design packages. Learn more about our solar design and engineering services for large-scale residential, commercial, and industrial properties, as well as for energy storage applications.

Engineering & Design for Commercial Solar Energy

Developers and EPCs for commercial, industrial, and agricultural solar and energy storage projects rely on SolarWerks to provide comprehensive permit-ready plans that guarantee code compliance, cut down on labor and material costs, and uphold solar project timeframes.
Our NABCEP-certified engineers take into account the project’s location and limits, as well as all utility and permitting needs. SolarWerks will design and engineer commercial systems to maximize solar power, eliminate efficiency losses, and uncover equipment and BOS savings. All we need is for you to call our company and discuss the specifics and objectives of your commercial solar project with one of our senior engineers.

Financial & Technical Due Diligence Consulting

Complete Packages for commercial solar design:
SolarWerks designs its commercial solar and energy storage design packages by the specifications of the local authority having jurisdiction (AHJ) and utility. Our design packages are fully compliant with local regulations and ready for permits. Typically, each plan set includes:

  • Task Description
  • Notes on Construction
  • Regulatory Codes
  • PV in the Site Plan
  • Mounting & Racking Methods
  • Electrical Information
  • Electrical Three-Line Diagram
  • Electrical Calculations
  • Required Safety Placards and Parts List
  • Datasheets for modules, inverters, racks, and mounting
  • Certain locations require elevation views
  • Other specifications required by the local AHJ

Services for Commercial Solar Design. A complete perspective.
For all types of commercial, industrial, agricultural, and municipal projects, as well as universities, schools, and hospitals, SolarWerks provides a full range of design and engineering services. The systems have been created by our commercial solar engineer for:

  • Getting permission and connecting
  • Solar-powered garages and awnings
  • Parking lot EV charging stations
  • Design of a single-axis tracker system
  • Both anchored and unanchored rooftops
  • Combined meters for compounds and warehouses
  • Cold storage and agriculture
  • Integrated photovoltaic structures (BIPV)
  • Floating photovoltaic systems (Floatovoltaics)
  • AC (and DC) Energy Storage Systems for net energy metering, peak shaving, emergency backup, utility infrastructure deferral, and TOU arbitrage.


Any proper design has four easy steps to follow, starting with assembling all of the projects’ requirements. An inferior design begins with inverters, solar panels, and specific brands. Below we have listed the main topics involved with professional solar design done right.

STEP 1: Requirements of Project

Estimate or analysis of energy used monthly (kWh) in addition to costs from the past 12 months
Evaluation of property or roof site, which includes exposure category, wind speed, local snow load, azimuth direction toward sun, tilt, slope, obstructions, shading, and dimensions
Assessment of existing electrical setup, which includes current wires, as well as size and circuit breaker box(s)’ location
Evaluation of local utility or permit requirements, in addition to those of an HOA where applicable
Owner preferences for system location or aesthetics.

STEP 2: System Layout and Size

Options for solar PV system sizing (such as quantity of watts required currently and required in the future)
Solar energy production scenario estimates (such as the amount of kilowatt hours (kWh) that will be made from PVwatts)
Site plan of solar array, which includes all of the components’ locations
Options for design layout as well as preliminary engineering for ground mount or rooftop configuration

STEP 3: Comparison of Solar Panel Systems

Options for inverter and solar panel compatibility
Wholesale cost estimates to identify the best price for your equipment from the manufacturers you have chosen
Effortless comparison of systems side-by-side to evaluate compatibility, quality, performance, and price
Summary of incentive, rebate, and tax credit
Gauge expected ROI, lifetime savings, and payback

STEP 4: Final Plan

Plan of site plan that includes all components’ and setbacks’ locations
Single-line drawing - wiring diagram of electrical specifications, including calculations and labels required by NEC
The mounting and layout’s engineering specifications, including the calculations required
Product specifications for electrical components, mounting, inverters, and solar panels
List of materials and final purchase order
Solar PV System Permit Plan of 10 to 20 pages, easily printed on 11x17 paper
OPTIONAL: Structural or electrical engineer review as well as stamps required by utility or building department.

Proposals for Solar Design & Energy Storage

Your residential sales proposals can be outsourced. SolarWerks swiftly creates branded sales proposals and sends them back to your sales team in a matter of minutes using a variety of tools, including Aurora, HelioScope, PVsyst, and PVWatts.
Regular components of our sales proposals are:

  • Utility data
  • Roof panel layout
  • Shading analysis
  • Performance predictions
  • Calculated bill of materials (BOM)
  • Savings, return on investment (ROI), payback, and cash flow

Residential Solar Design & Engineering at a Large Scale

Your dependable partner for solar engineering and design is SolarWerks. No matter if you run a high-volume residential operation or are just getting started in the solar industry, SolarWerks offers solar-plus-storage designs that are rapid, accurate, and easy to approve.
Electrical and structural experts on the skilled U.S. team at SolarWerks are familiar with your jurisdiction’s and your utility’s particular codes and standards, which expedites permits and interconnection approvals. Consequently, your permits are swiftly issued, avoiding expensive delays and raising client satisfaction and trust.