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Solar panels and solar roofing are an incredible technology that is helping us to harvest clean energy that we use every day, and though most of us know that a home solar panel can turn sunlight into electricity for daily tasks, like charging your computer,...

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Current SolarWerks Project

Follow us as we develop our latest solar project a brand new 100 unit residential building in Chicago,developed by a non-profit organization. April, 2015With a goal of providing 60% of the projected hot water usage for the building, we designed a combination solar thermal and solar photovoltaic system....

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What You Need to Know About Solar Energy

We’ve all heard discussions about the environment and the importance of renewable energy. As the cost of utilities continues to rise and fall many are giving alternative energy sources a second thought. Solar energy is a viable option that will keep any home or business...

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Solar Adoption by America’s Top Companies

The Solar Energy Industries Association publishes an annual report, Solar Means Business, which, in part, tracks the number of businesses utilizing solar energy. In the last decade, the adoption of solar energy as an alternative energy source has had a compound annual growth rate of more...

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Community Solar

Community solar arrangements allow multiple energy customers to share in the benefits of one local solar energy plant. This is a relatively new concept that many residential and business customers are either exploring or actively engaged in.  According to SEIA, through early 2016, there were...

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Neighborhood Power Plants: The Future of Energy?

A groundbreaking solar energy experiment taking place in few Brooklyn neighborhoods could change the way we harvest and exchange power in the United States.  The “TransActive Grid” experiment allows businesses and homeowners with solar panels to sell excess energy directly to their neighbors, giving them...

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Midwest Schools Embrace Solar Energy

A growing number of schools throughout Illinois and the Midwest are starting to embrace solar energy.  Thanks to the Illinois Solar Schools program, many K-12 schools are now reducing energy costs while teaching students hands-on lessons in science, technology, math and economics.  The program, sponsored...

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Chicago’s Potential for Solar Energy

Although most people typically don’t think of the Midwest when they think ‘solar energy’, this notion is beginning to change.  The region might not have the most desirable year-round climate, but there is actually a huge potential for solar energy here—in fact, Illinois has almost...

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