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Solar Air Heat

How Solar Air Heat Works?

Solar air heat is an extra way to heat a room according to solar panel installer Chicago experts. Solar air heating collectors use the sun’s energy to heat air for homes and companies. The solar panel installation Chicago system starts up when the building needs heat and the sun is out. A fan then brings the heat to the building. When the house doesn’t need heat anymore or when the sun isn’t out, the system turns off. If you use solar air heat the right way, it can save you a lot of money on your energy bills for decades.

Unlike a solar PVC system, solar air heating panels are mounted vertically on south-facing walls (where solar exposure is greatest), so the aesthetics of the building is not changed. Fully automatic and easy to use, the only control you ever need to adjust is the solar thermostat. You simply turn your solar thermostat on during the early heating season and turn it down when warmer weather arrives. The filters need to be changed annually, but that’s the extent of the maintenance. For more information, contact experienced solar company near me.