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Cleaning Solar Panels: When? Why? How?

Pollution-free and zero-waste are popular concepts in today’s world. As everyone seeks to make the world a cleaner and greener place in which to live.  Making the change from fossil fuels to renewables like solar energy is necessary in order to approach the vision that everyone possesses. Affordability and inexhaustibility are only a few of the advantages of purchasing solar panels and consuming solar energy. Nevertheless, in the absence of appropriate cleaning procedures, there is no way to take full advantage of the perks of the energy of the sun and its equipment. Solar panel cleaning is a crucial part of solar energy generation. The photovoltaic (PV) system will not operate efficiently without it as it will shorten the product’s lifecycle as well as solar energy availability. Please read on to see why it is important to properly clean the solar equipment as well as how and when it should be done.

Why Is Solar Panel Cleaning Crucial?
Solar panel cleaning is a practice during which PV panels are washed. Depending on where you live, sand, dust, smog, and dirt may impede the equipment from receiving proper sunlight. Sand may even block the generation of energy or lower the equipment’s efficiency. Furthermore, if you purchase a solar panel kit that involves various pieces of equipment, the purchase may be a failure due to low efficiency resulting from improper cleaning. To prevent these, proper solar panel cleaning procedures should be assumed in order to save money and time.

How Often Should Solar Panels Be Cleaned?
Solar panel cleaning should be carried out once a year on average. Even though annually is an optimum frequency, depending on your living area and weather conditions, annual inspections within your contract with a solar panel company in Chicago, may help the maintenance process. It is wise to clean home solar panels at the beginning of springtime. The rise in output levels with the return of the sun is the reasoning behind this timing. In order to ensure the procedure is safe, it is better to avoid touching warm panels and clean the panels in the evening.

How Is Solar Panel Cleaning Carried Out? 
A soft cloth, warm water, a squeegee, and dish soap are absolutely necessary to clean the panels. Simply apply some dish soap and warm water to the panel with a soft cloth and clean it using gentle movements. When you are finished, just squeeze the soft cloth into the squeegee to remove the dirty water. Next, repeat the procedure until solar panels are clean. Simple simon.

Final Note
It turns out that home solar panels in Chicago, equipment used to generate this trending kind of renewable power – solar energy, require appropriate care in order to ensure efficient and lengthy function. Although this may seem complex, all you really need to do is clean solar panels occasionally. If done at the correct moment, utilizing proper techniques, the equipment will not only supply solar power for ages, but it also will not require professional maintenance procedures from solar panel installers in Chicago like SolarWerks. Be mindful and take good care of your solar panels so you may enjoy them for the longest time possible!

Go solar, go save!

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