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Midwest Schools Embrace Solar Energy

A growing number of schools throughout Illinois and the Midwest are starting to embrace solar energy.  Thanks to the Illinois Solar Schools program, many K-12 schools are now reducing energy costs while teaching students hands-on lessons in science, technology, math and economics.  The program, sponsored...

Chicago’s Potential for Solar Energy

Although most people typically don’t think of the Midwest when they think ‘solar energy’, this notion is beginning to change.  The region might not have the most desirable year-round climate, but there is actually a huge potential for solar energy here—in fact, Illinois has almost...

3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Using Solar Energy

Solar energy has grown increasingly popular over the last 5 or so years, with a number of cities, individuals, and businesses installing solar PV panels to harness free energy and cut down on their carbon footprint. However, despite the fact that solar installation is cheaper,...

How Can Cities Deal with the Inconsistency of Solar Power?

Though more and more cities are starting to make use of solar energy, the energy source is still being held back by some inherent flaws. Perhaps its most troublesome flaw is that, at the present time, it can only realistically be used in real-time.While there...

Solar Panels Advantages

Your most complete solar resource
Because the state of Illinois can produce enough energy in several days as in other states (especially Florida), the Federal authorities will return to you and through tax refunds the 30% of the solar panel installation total cost, as well as...