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What You Need to Know About Solar Energy

We’ve all heard discussions about the environment and the importance of renewable energy. As the cost of utilities continues to rise and fall many are giving alternative energy sources a second thought. Solar energy is a viable option that will keep any home or business running while reducing energy bills. With that being stated, there are a lot of misconceptions about solar energy.

What is sustainable energy?

Sustainable energy comes from renewable energy sources. Any energy source which can naturally replenish itself would fit into this category. We live in an age where we are largely dependent on energy in order to function in our daily lives. Transportation, communication, health care and many other aspects of our daily lives are powered by various sources of energy. Use of renewable alternative energy sources decreases the amount of pollution that is expelled on a daily basis and even has the potential to make energy more affordable and widely available throughout the world. Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most cost effective ways to obtain a sustainable and environmentally friendly source of energy.

Would solar panels work in Chicago weather?

It isn’t hard to see why some might think that the only place solar panels could work is somewhere like sunny California. It turns out however, that weather does not prevent the panels from doing their job. Colder weather actually improves the performance of the solar panel in comparison to the heat, which reduces the output voltage, leaving you with less power.

Would switching to solar power be expensive?

All over the world solar power is turning out to be less expensive than using conventional methods. Solar power has proven to outperform both coal and natural gas in regard to cost. Once the panel is installed, the sun does all of the work. Not only will the electricity bill decrease as a result of using solar energy home owners and business owners will be rewarded on their tax bills as well. In the U.S., if you purchase a solar power system you could be eligible for up to a 30% federal income tax credit.

Will adding solar panels to my roof be an eye sore on my home?

Solar panels are light and sleek. They are compact and are installed very close to the rooftop producing an environmentally friendly solution to energy production, without compromising its appearance.

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