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3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Start Using Solar Energy

Solar energy has grown increasingly popular over the last 5 or so years, with a number of cities, individuals, and businesses installing solar PV panels to harness free energy and cut down on their carbon footprint. However, despite the fact that solar installation is cheaper, easier, and more popular than ever, there are still a huge number of businesses which have not yet jumped on board the solar bandwagon.
Ultimately, this is a mistake. There are several ways that businesses can and will benefit from solar energy. But first, let’s talk about why businesses might be hesitant to install solar capabilities.

Why some businesses might be reluctant to embrace solar installation
While every individual business has its own reasons for being resistant to solar power, there are two primary reasons which seem to be rather common.

Cost of Installation

Perhaps the #1 cited reason for why businesses have not yet installed solar panels is that installation costs too much money. Many companies are hesitant to pay a great deal of money for a new, slightly-unproven power source when they already have a power source that suits their energy needs.
However, while it’s true that solar installation costs more than a 1-month energy bill, solar really doesn’t cost as much as you might think. Due to government incentives such as tax credits and rebates, you can see as much as 30% of your solar installation paid for. Those who install solar panels also get to write off 30% of their solar power system costs in their taxes.  In the end, solar power is relatively cheap to install.

Inconsistent Power

The other big reason for why companies are reluctant to use solar power is that they doubt its consistency and functionality. While it’s true that solar power is inconsistent without regular absorption of sunshine, businesses have found ways to work around it. Many use backup battery systems to pull the solar panels’ weight during down times.
While using a battery backup system requires costs, it is still much cheaper than solely using electric or gas. Solar power is free after it’s been installed, so when it is working, you won’t be paying for any energy whatsoever.

How Solar Power Benefits Businesses

  1. Cuts energy costs

As was just mentioned, once solar panels have been installed, any energy that is produced by them comes free of charge. While the initial cost of installing solar PV panels can be a little costly, your business will undoubtedly see savings in the long run. Some studies and data show that using solar power on your commercial property can cut total costs by up to 75%.
As electricity prices continue to rise year to year, solar power becomes more and more relevant and beneficial. Even if you’re not able to completely power your building with solar energy, you will still certainly see a reduction in overall energy costs.

2. Requires little to no maintenance

When compared to other energy systems, solar energy systems require much less maintenance overall. Because solar panels are fixed in one place, there is very little chance of debris or external stimuli intruding and interrupting their working parts.
The only maintenance that’s typically required on solar panels is a periodic dusting and cleaning. However, even cleaning is a rare requirement. Because solar panels are tough, smooth, and installed at a downward angle, the majority of dust simply slides off of them. Little maintenance will ultimately result in lower costs.

3. Provides excellent PR

While it’s not the noblest of reasons to install solar panels, it’s true that doing so will put your company in a positive light. Customers are attracted to businesses who put a focus on sustainability. By making use of solar power, your company will show customers and business partners that you care about the environment and wellbeing of the earth.
This will land you clients you otherwise wouldn’t have, and partnerships you otherwise wouldn’t secure.

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