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Solar Monitoring—What does this mean and How Does it Work?

It is true that solar panels for your home Chicago residents prefer do not have moving parts and do not require much maintenance, yet a very frequently asked question from many who are considering solar is, “Once installed, how do I know if my panels are working properly?” The proper response to this question is relatively simple: solar monitoring software.

How do solar monitoring systems function?
There are several solar monitoring system options that are already included with the majority of solar panel installations in Chicago. Monitoring software works through a direct connection with your solar panels’ inverters. While your solar inverter converts the energy captured by your panels from DC to AC, it will gather and record information that will allow the panel’s owner to monitor each panel’s power output, performance, and production, all from the simple convenience of a mobile device or computer.

Aside from reporting your panels’ solar energy production, certain solar monitoring systems provide you with the ability to see your business or home’s energy consumption and compare it side-by-side with your levels of production.

What advantages are offered by a solar monitoring system?
Solar monitoring systems can be vital for a business or homeowner. When a solar monitoring system is put together with a battery storage solution, it can assist a home or business owner in identifying peak consumption periods, allowing them to switch to their stored energy supply when rates are typically at their highest.
As a leading solar panel installer Chicago residents rely on, SolarWerks can install a solar monitoring system to do this as well as provide the ability to compare historical data, which can help to identify performance patterns resulting from seasonal conditions or weather conditions.  The use of data gathered from monitoring software can also assist a property owner in spotting a possible issue with a specific inverter or panel panel and identify repairs that may be required in your system.

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