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On a bright sunny day, the sun produces approximately 1000 watts of energy per square meter of the earth’s surface. If we could collect that vast energy source, we could power our homes and offices for free. Solar power is often used synonymously with solar energy or more specifically, to refer to the conversion of sunlight into electricity. This is being done through the photovoltaic effect.
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Solar Air

Solar air heat is a supplemental space heating system, using solar air heating collectors to turn energy from the sun into warm air for businesses and homes. When the sun is shining, and the building is calling for the heat, the system turns on and a fan delivers it. The system shuts down when the building is no longer calling for heat or the sun is not out. Used correctly, solar air heat can reduce your heating bills considerably for decades.
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Solar Thermal

The collectors, panels that collect the heat from the sun, come designed either as flat plate collector or evacuated tube. There are also different systems that are designed for delivery of the heat to a building such as a drain back system or a closed loop pressurized system. There are other systems as well but these two are the most used in the USA.
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