Solar Energy Makes Sense for Chicagoland

Solar Energy Makes Sense for Chicagoland

Save Money

  • Illinois has almost as many days where solar energy can be produces as the State of Florida.
  • 30% of installation cost returns to you in the form of Fed. tax rebates and the State of Illinois offer cash rebate up to $20,000 when available.
  • Save hundreds of dollars each year on natural gas and electric bills
  • Solar protect you from price hikes in the future
  • Excellent return on your investment with immediate payback in the form of property value appreciation
  • Buying from the utility is like renting your energy; installing a solar system is energy ownership and savings
  • The market is offering easy to get solar loans for qualified home owners

Energy Independence

  • The sun is the ultimate local fuel
  • Tap into the bountiful energy that lands on your home every sunny day of the year
  • Fossil fuels are dirty, difficult to find, and becoming more expensive
  • A solar water heating system works in conjunction with your existing system; it is an add-on that cuts your water heating costs.

Go Green

  • Live in a healthier home with fewer harmful emissions
  • Do your part to address climate change
  • Be a leader in your neighborhood by upgrading to “green energy”